Civic activity

Participation and collaboration of various actors

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, various activities were carried out through “bonds” between individuals and organizations, such as the involvement of volunteers from all over the country in the restoration of the affected areas.
At this park, various actors such as citizens, NPOs, and companies are continuously conducting civic activities such as memorial events, disaster prevention education, and forest planting. A “participatory management council” has been formed so that government and civic groups can cooperate with each other to carry out activities in the park smoothly. We are practicing civic activities and cooperation.

  • Airin Blue Project
  • Blue Bird Society
  • Ishinomaki Environmental Network
  • Ishinomaki Tourism Volunteer Association
  • Ishinomaki Chamber of commerce and Industry Young Entrepreneurs Group
  • Ishinomaki Earthquake Tradition Association
  • Ishinomaki Junior Chamber 
  • Ishinomaki Japanese Honeybee Association
  • KATARIBE of Life
  • Kadonowaki Neighborhood Association
  • Ganbaro! Ishinomaki-no-Kai
  • Kokoro-no-Mori
  • 3.11 Future Support Association
  • 3.11 Memorial Network
  • Japan Nurserymen’s Association
  • Japan Landscape Contractors Association Miyagi Prefecture Branch
  • Japan Nordic Fitness Association
  • Bird
  • Hasu-no-Kai
  • Children’s Club Bremen after school
  • BOUSAI Project
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company,Limited
  • Lion Corporation

(Corporate name In the order of the Japanese syllabary)

市民の手による伝承活動<br> (東日本大震災追悼「3.11のつどい」)
Memorial for the Great East Japan Earthquake “3.11 Gathering”
市民の手による杜づくり<br> (石巻復興の森づくり植樹祭)
Ishinomaki reconstruction forest growing tree planting activity

Activities at the citizens’ activities base

One of the principles of this park is to “deepen bonds between people”. In this practice, various actors such as citizens, NPOs, and companies participate and collaborate in activities such as tree planting activities, traditional activities, education for disaster prevention, and facility maintenance.
Up until now, activities related to memorial services and earthquake disaster traditions such as the “Hang in there Ishinomaki” signboard and “Minamihama Tsunagukan” and activities related to forest making such as the “planting seedlings in a Greenhouse” have been carried out in the park.
In order to continue such activities in a constructive way, a part of the park is positioned as a “citizen activity base”, and it is a place where various actors promote citizen participation and collaborative efforts, and the following groups are participating.


Airin Blue Project Organizing Committee

We grow flowers that bloom in places where young girls lost their lives, and we are working to communicate the importance of disaster prevention and life to the world with the flowers.

NPO法人 いしのまき環境ネット

Ishinomaki Environmental Network

We are working on the conservation and raising of seedlings of plants that grow naturally in this area, and the “circulation of life” that composts the flowers donated in the garden.


Ishinomaki Young Entrepreneurs Group

We plan and manage a learning tour to touch the lights of the heart and Ishinomaki from the thought of mourning, the repose of souls and lessons learned.


”Hang in there!Ishinomaki” group

Immediately after the earthquake, we maintain and renew the signboards of the affected homes and carry out activities to pass on the lessons learned from the earthquake.

NPO法人 こころの森

Kokoro no Mori

In order to grow the trees to be planted in the Reconstruction Memorial Park, we have set up an indoor raising of seedlings to collect seeds and take care of the nursery tree.


3.11 Future Support

In order to pass down the records and lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake to future generations, we have set up and operated Minamihama Tsunagukan.



In order to grow the trees to be planted in the Reconstruction Memorial Park, we have set up an indoor raising of seedlings to collect seeds and take care of the nursery tree.