Usage guidance


Open all-year-round

Opening hours


About an Evacuation in Time of Disaster

IIf you feel the ground shaking when using the park, immediately go to the park entrance (in the direction of Mt. Hiyori) on the municipal road Minatomachi 4-chome Kadonowakicho 5-chome, and follow the evacuation route sign at the entrance to evacuate to a hill.

About a flower offering

Regarding the offering of flowers to the victims,
  • A place of prayer
  • Ishinomaki memorial cenotaph
  • A civic activity base (the altar on which one places donated flowers)

Please use one of the above.

Also, please refrain from offering anything other than flowers.

Cautions when using the park

  • The use of fire is prohibited for general use in the park.
  • Do not damage the facility and protect the natural resources.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the park except for designated smoking areas (they are located in the Kadonowaki parking lot).
  • Please collect all your trash as you exit.
  • Please be sure to park your car, motorcycle, etc. in the parking lot.
    • The parking lot is available from 9:00 to 18:00 on [April/1 to Sep/30] and from 9:00 to 17:00 on [Oct/1 to March/31].
  • General vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles are not allowed in the park.
  • All dogs must be on a leash and all pets must be in a carrier to enter the park. However, please refrain from bringing pets to the prayer space, memorial plaza, and Miyagi Tsunami Memorial Museum: Preserving the Past and Protecting Lives by Passing down the Lessons of Disaster (excluding guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs).
    • Please take your dog’s droppings home with you.
    • If any inconvenience or harm is caused to other visitors, it is the owner’s responsibility to resolve it.
  • If the park manager determines that it may develop dangerous behavior, entry cannot be guaranteed.

About the application for events and location shooting

The application process is required for events in the park (competitions, gatherings, exhibitions, and other similar events), and taking photographs or videos for the purpose of making a profit.
Since this park is divided into controlled areas by country, prefecture, and city, permission application procedures are required for each controlled area based on Urban Park Act and the following management rules and ordinances, depending on the place of use. In addition, the application process and the usage fee are different, so please contact the park management office (TEL: 0225-98-7401) in advance.

  • Country area: Ishinomaki Minamihama Tsunami Reconstruction Prayer Park National Memorial and Prayer Facility Management Regulations
  • Prefectural area: Prefectural city Park Ordinance
  • City Area: Ishinomaki City Park Ordinance
(Cases that require an application )
  • Sales of goods or distributes
  • Promote fund-raising
  • Exclusive use of part of the park for competitions, rallies, and exhibitions, etc.
  • Holds marathon competitions and orienteering competitions for schools and companies.
  • Install signs and banners in the park.
  • Conduct questionnaire surveys or vegetation surveys.
  • Collect membership fees and hold photo sessions for movies and so on.
  • Use as a location for dramas and commercials (excluding researches).
  • When vehicles are required for transporting equipment for competitions and rescuing people in the park (passenger cars are not allowed).
  • In addition, when the park manager determines that an application is necessary.

The procedures of the application

Inquiries (approx. One and a half to two months before the date of use)
  • Before applying for an application, it is necessary to coordinate and consult with the park management office. The guideline for inquiries is one and a half to two months before the date of use.
Application procedure (must be applied 2 weeks in advance)
  • Please fill in the required items on the “application (designated form)” and “implementation plan (optional form)” and submit two copies each to the park management office at least two weeks before the date of use.
  • The items to be described in the “implementation plan (optional form)” are as follows.
  • Items to be stated in the implementation plan
    • Date and time of the event (including a held decision due to the weather)
    • Name of the organizer
    • Contents of the event
    • Venue plan (venue map, temporary equipment specifications, etc.)
    • Estimated number of participants
    • Participation fee
    • Admission time and access (participants・Staff)
    • Operating organization diagram and emergency contact system
    • Safety measures
    • Public relations plan (public relations method・timing)
    • Schedule of sale of goods・distribution
    • Measure for surroundings
    • Traffic safety policy (if necessary)
    • Others (equipment desired to be rented, etc.)
  • In addition, the application documents to be submitted will change depending on the place of use in the park. For more information, please contact the management office.
Judgment of permission
  • We will examine the contents of the “application” and issue a permit with conditions only if it is accepted that the contents do not interfere with the use of the park.
  • When you obtain a permission, you need to pay the usage fee.
  • A participant recruiting and announcement of the events, etc. cannot be carried out until the issuance of a permit. Please give yourself a lot of time to complete the application.
  • Please note that an application may not be approved depending on the content, desired date and time, and the facility use condition, etc.
  • There are some reduction systems of some or all of the usage fees. For more information, please contact the management office.

CInquiries regarding the application


A wheelchair rental

Wheelchairs can be rented to those who need a wheelchair to move around the park.
Please speak to the staff of the park management office of Miyagi Tsunami Memorial Museum: Preserving the Past and Protecting Lives by Passing down the Lessons of Disaster.